Training and Education

HEA offers a comprehensive personal training program covering all aspects of U.S. intellectual property law, including patent and claim drafting techniques, prosecution strategies, IP transaction document preparation and review, PTAB practice, litigation tools and strategies, trade secret policy and enforcement, trademarks, copyrights, and the latest updates on CAFC case law and America Invents Act (AIA) rules and rule changes.  Our program can be tailored for an individual trainee’s interests and time frame. 

HEA is one of few intellectual property firms in the world with fully functioning offices in the United States and Japan.  We offer our personal training program in both locations.  Our Japanese office includes several native Japanese speakers to assist.  If the training is performed in our US office, then a native Japanese speaker will be available to answer questions on the phone or by email.  We can also assist with locating housing and enrolling in English language courses in the DC-area. 

If our trainee is a current client of HEA, then we can work together on the client’s patent or trademark matters.  This allows the trainee to apply knowledge gained from our academic training program to a real-life matter.  For patent prosecution files, for example, HEA’s attorneys work hand-in-hand with the trainee to prepare claims, review Office Actions, study prior art references, respond to challenging 101 rejections and art based rejections, and participate in Examiner interviews (at the USPTO if the training is performed in our US office).

HEA’s attorneys frequently give lectures to trade associations, universities, corporations, and law firms on all aspects of intellectual property.  Our Japan office provides lectures to audiences throughout Japan and work in teams to deliver presentation material that is translated and interpreted in Japanese to provide a more valuable experience to all attendees. 

HEA’s attorneys also service the legal community by teaching IP courses at the University of New Hampshire School of Law, publishing books focused on Japanese and US patent practice, contributing to intellectual property blogs.

If you would like to know more about HEA’s personal training program, please contact us at either our US or Japan office.