HEA’s industrial design patent group has successfully prepared and prosecuted several hundred design patent applications – everything from fishing lures to automobiles.  We work closely with clients to develop and implement strategies tailored to protect their designs from third party knock-offs. 

These strategies include tactical continuation practice, determining appropriate filing and prosecution strategies to influence the timing of the public disclosure of the drawings, filing design patent application based off utility patent application disclosures, and determining how to effectively include design patents in an intellectual property portfolio.

We have litigated both sides of design patent infringement suits, so we know what it takes to develop meaningful portfolios that will withstand the scrutiny of litigation. 

HEA’s industrial design patent group can help with the following:

  • Prepare and file design patent applications

  • Prepare validity/infringement/right-to-use opinions

  • Litigate district court and ITC cases involving design patents

  • Develop and manage patent portfolios to increase strategic value

HEA’s industrial design patent group works closely in the automotive, medical device, consumer product, and software industries.