Patent Drafting & Prosecution

HEA’s patent prosecution team has prepared and prosecuted thousands of utility and design patent applications at the USPTO.

What differentiates us from most other firms is that we provide partner level review of every work product and use AI tools on all applications - at no extra cost to our clients. Our internal procedures help us to prevent costly mistakes, provide a higher level of predictability on certain outcomes, and saves our client's money through gained efficiencies.

We also work with an extensive network of patent agents across the globe to protect our client's patent rights outside the United States. In addition, we are trusted by firms throughout Asia and Europe to file and prosecute their incoming national stage application filings at the USPTO. 

Having offices in both Washington DC (region) and Japan means that we are always available to respond to our client's needs in a timely and effective manner.  Plus, our proximity to the USPTO allows us to conveniently conduct personal interviews for those difficult and important patent applications. 

HEA’s patent drafting and prosecution group can help:

  • Prepare and file utility and design patent applications

  • Develop and manage patent portfolios to increase strategic value

  • Conduct patent searches, including in difficult to search Japanese patent databases


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