Patent Drafting and Prosecution

HEA’s patent prosecution group has successfully drafted and prosecuted thousands of patent applications for clients ranging from Fortune 500 corporations having significant patent portfolios to emerging technology startups filing their very first patent application.  We collaborate with our clients in the United States, Japan, and around the globe to design and implement tailored patent strategies that will protect their business interests today and tomorrow. 

Our group includes former high level administrative personnel from the USPTO, in-house IP counsel from an international telecommunications company, and a team of registered patent attorneys in Japan and the United States that have collectively prepared and prosecuted thousands of patent applications.  HEA leverages this blend of experience to achieve successful and cost-effective results for every client.

HEA is one of few intellectual property firms in the world with fully functioning offices in the United States and Japan.  Having offices in these locations means that we are always available to respond to your needs in a timely and effective manner.  Plus, our proximity to the USPTO allows us to conveniently conduct personal interviews for those difficult and important patent applications.  We also achieve high-quality results for our clients by providing partner level review of every work product – at no additional cost.  In addition to staying up to date on the latest case law and rule changes, our attorneys understand and utilize the latest predictive analytics tools to streamline prosecution for every client.

HEA’s patent drafting and prosecution group can help:

·        Conduct patent searches, including in difficult to search Japanese patent databases

·        Draft provisional and non-provisional utility and design patent applications

·        Review and revise patent applications prior to filing in the USPTO

·        Prepare and file utility and design applications

·        Prepare and draft design patent applications

·        Prepare validity/infringement/right-to-use opinions

·        Prepare PTAB validity opinions

·        Develop and manage patent portfolios to increase strategic value

HEA works closely with industries such as telecommunications, automotive, medical device, gaming, software, and more.