Trademark and Design

Trademark Group

HEA’s Trademark Group works closely with clients ranging from Fortune 500 corporations having significant trademark portfolios to emerging technology startups filing their very first trademark application.  We understand, from our years of in-house counsel experience, the value of the goodwill associated with your brand.  Your trademark is not only a valuable business asset that when properly maintained can appreciate in value over time, but it is a property asset, similar to a real asset that can be purchased, licensed, sold, or used as a security interest to secure financing to expand your business.

We collaborate with our clients in the United States, Japan, and around the globe to develop comprehensive intellectual property portfolios that will protect their business interests throughout the duration of a product lifecycle.  This includes working together to select, clear, obtain, protect, police, license and enforce your trademark.  

HEA is one of few intellectual property firms in the world with fully functioning offices in the United States and Japan.  Having offices in these locations means that we are always available to respond to your needs in a timely and effective manner.

HEA’s Trademark Group can help with all of your trademark needs, including:

  • Conduct trademark availability searches

  • File, prosecute, and maintain trademarks at the USPTO

  • Audit trademark portfolios to identify gaps in coverage, potential infringement issues, licensing problems, misuse by others, and quality control issues

  • Prepare validity/infringement/right-to-use opinions

  • Develop and manage patent portfolios to increase strategic value

  • Provide all aspects of enforcement and litigation, at the USPTO and district court

HEA works closely with industries such as telecommunications, automotive, medical device, gaming, software, and more.

Design Patent Group

HEA’s design patent group has successfully prepared and prosecuted several hundred design patent applications – everything from fishing lures to automobiles.  We work closely with clients to develop and implement strategies tailored to protect their designs from third party knock-offs. 

These strategies include tactical continuation practice, determining appropriate filing and prosecution strategies to influence the timing of the public disclosure of the drawings, filing design patent application based off utility patent application disclosures, and determining how to effectively include design patents in an intellectual property portfolio.

We have litigated both sides of design patent infringement suits, so we know what it takes to develop meaningful portfolios that will withstand the scrutiny of litigation. 

HEA’s design patent group can help with the following:

  • Conduct patent searches, including in difficult to search Japanese patent databases

  • Prepare and file design patent applications

  • Prepare validity/infringement/right-to-use opinions

  • Prepare PTAB validity opinions

  • Litigate district court and ITC cases involving design patents

  • Develop and manage patent portfolios to increase strategic value

HEA’s design patent group works closely in the automotive, medical device, and gaming industries.